10 Police Sergeant Gifts They Always Love

If you have a loved one who is about to earn their sergeant ranking, you’ve come to the right place.

Looking for police sergeant gifts can be difficult, but these sleek and classy options will show the officer in your life just how much you appreciate them. Keep reading to find the police sergeant gifts they’ll love.

10 police sergeant gifts you can’t pass up

1. Thin blue line flag stainless steel police tumbler

police tumbler

When you’re in the police field, work doesn’t stop so that you can take a break. A stainless steel police tumbler can help the sergeant in your life stay hydrated while sporting their police pride. An insulated stainless steel tumbler means that their drinks will stay hot or cold for up to 6 hours, which means they can still enjoy their drink even if they don’t get their first sip until hours later. This is one gift for promotion to police sergeant they’ll be glad to have!

2. Police keychain with words of encouragement

sergeants keychain

Being a police officer is tough, and being promoted means more responsibilities on top of an already physically and emotionally demanding job. Police sergeant gifts can be big and fancy, but they can also be small and still pack a big punch, like a police keychain. This particular keychain includes a tag engraved with words of encouragement to remind your police sergeant that they are strong, intelligent, and above all, loved. You know that a sergeant will always have their keys with them, so adding a little bit of encouragement everywhere they go will keep their spirits up when you aren’t around to give them a boost.

3. A personalized wooden police badge

custom wooden police badge; decor for sergeants

Whether you are celebrating the making of a new sergeant or the retirement of a seasoned one, a personalized wooden police badge is the perfect way to commemorate the moment. This gift can be used as a sign-in book for the party guests to leave heartfelt messages and words of praise or as a decoration as is. Either way, it makes the perfect addition to an office or home.

4. Police badge personalized whiskey set

custom whiskey set for sergeants, police

Sometimes we need to let loose after a long day at work, and for many, a bit of alcohol does the trick. After a tireless day of protecting and serving the community, a glass of their favorite spirit in a personalized police badge engraved whiskey set can help them wind down. The whiskey stones will help them enjoy a chilled drink without it getting watered down. Sergeant promotion gifts can mean a little bit of fun too!

5. Multi-tool tactical pen

tactical pen and sergeant gifts

Police sergeants have a lot of experience under their belt and tools on their belt — literally! Their duty belt is like a mini-shop for everything self-defense, loaded with a gun, extra mags, handcuffs, keys, a baton, and who knows what else. If you’re looking for sergeant gifts that your sergeant can carry around with them all the time, you want to think light and critical, like a multi-tool tactical pen. This tool is a pen, flashlight, bottle opener, and window breaker rolled into one small, easy to carry tool. 

6. Smith & Wesson police watch

police watch

Sergeants and police officers don’t work your typical 9-to-5. When you work 12-hour shifts, it’s easy to lose track of time. The Smith & Wesson police watch is water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and has a back-glow for those late-night shifts. Watches are one of the classic gift ideas for promotion to sergeant!

7. Police badge wallet

police badge wallet

Most people have a wallet for their ID and money, but for sergeants, their wallet staples also include their badge. A police badge wallet has more than enough room for cash, cards, and a badge so that your sergeant doesn’t have to worry about accidentally leaving their badge behind because it lives in a separate wallet. If for some reason they do have to carry their badge and ID separately, it can detach from this wallet and be easily put back on. This wallet was designed by a police officer for police officers, so you can’t go wrong with this!

8. A customized blue line flag

customized police sign

Some people like to keep their work life and personal life completely separate while others are proud to wear their uniform and not afraid to show it. A customized blue line flag is the perfect gift for the police sergeant who takes pride in what they do. The neutral tones with the touch of blue on this sign will easily match with any decor and make for a perfect gift for a housewarming or promotion.

9. Ammo can organizer

ammo organizer for cops

It’s no secret that police officers have guns as part of their standard utilities, which means that they’ll always have some ammo on hand. However, that doesn’t mean they’re going to carry every bullet they own on them. That would be silly (and heavy)! An ammo can organizer will help any sergeant stay organized and know exactly where to find their ammo when they need it. It’s perfect to use in a locker or at home.

10. Police officer challenge coin

challenge coin for cops

Police departments sometimes give challenge coins to commemorate special events, such as department anniversaries. One way to memorialize a promotion to sergeant is with a police officer challenge coin featuring a spartan and a badge engraved with, “Serve & Protect.” This is a great gift for a sergeant who is looking to add on to or start their challenge coin collection.

What police sergeant gifts did we miss?

The search for police sergeant gifts can be tough, but with the right gift, you can brighten up their day while showing how much you care for them. The perfect gift can range from something small and simple like a keychain or challenge coin to something tactical that they can use in their daily grind to protect and serve. Show your appreciation by getting them a classic sergeant gift they’ll love.

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Authored by Arianna Fangonilo

Arianna Fangonilo

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