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7 Cute Pieces of Police Wife Clothing

Are you a police wife? (Or do you know someone who is the wife of a law enforcement officer?) Show your support for your police husband and look cool at the same time with these 7 cute pieces of police wife clothing. From shirts to tank tops to sweatshirts, there is no wrong way to say loud and proud that you are the partner of a police officer! Give a gift for the LEO wife and wear the Thin Blue Line with pride.

Police wife clothing you need

1. Women’s Police Wife Burnout Racerback Tank

Rock the hottest police wife burnout racerback tank around. The cotton jersey material makes it super soft, lightweight, and comfortable for everyday wear. Plus, it’s available in 5 different colors to suit your taste. Everyone will surely love the large police officer badge design made specifically for wives! It’s the perfect gift for a police officer’s wife.

2. Best LEO Wife Shirts

If you are passionate and caring about supporting your police officer partner, this shirt is for you. Let everyone know you are the proud wifey of a police officer with this Thin Blue Line design. The Thin Blue Line family have each others backs no matter what, which makes this shirt even more special. Get ready for lots of compliments when you wear this police wife shirt.

3. This Adorable Police Wife Sweatshirt

This Adorable Police Wife Sweatshirt

Treat yourself to a comfy sweatshirt while backing the blue! Or make this sweatshirt the perfect gift for a proud police wife. The bold lettering and heart shaped design is a wonderful expression of support and love for a partner in the police force. The sweatshirt is a classic fit, cotton blend, and comes in 3 different colors.

4. Because He’s Mine I Walk the Thin Blue Line

Isn’t this sweatshirt the sweetest? A Thin Blue Line heart shaped flag graphic with “because he’s mine I walk this line” saying. The perfect gift for a police wife, fiancé, or girlfriend, so they can proudly show their love and support. Especially great to wear during festive parades and events to show off your status as a police wife.

5. Proud Police Wife Tank Top

A simple (or shall we say, “basic”) police wife may just be the very best police wife. Yup, that’s right – a dog loving, coffee drinking, law enforcement supporting police wife! But we actually don’t think there is anything simple about that – it takes a lot of strength, patience, and love to be part of a LEO family. Still, this is a cute top that will bring smiles to you and others all around. Suggestion: wear while walking the dog, sipping on your latte, and holding your hubbies hand 😉

6. Love Police Badge Top

This awesome tank top is a comfortable, affordable way to express yourself. It’s made from 100% cotton for a soft feel. Whether purchasing for yourself, family member, or loved one you can be sure to put a smile on their face. Features round collar and ribbing throughout for style and durability. Great for a police wife, partner, girlfriend, or even just a really close friend!

7. Back the Blue

Back the Blue

Looking for the perfect police wife tank top to wear anytime? Look no further! This lovely designed tank top can be a great gift for your wife or girlfriend who always shows you support. Lightweight and breezy for everyday comfort, and it comes it 3 different colors for you to choose from.

Do you have other favorite cop wife shirts?

Nowadays, there are a lot of cute pieces of police wife clothing, and we’ve shown you some of our favorites. These simple and cute clothing designs will be a hit with your family and friends alike. Don’t wait to get your new police wife clothing today!

To recap, here’s our list of the best police wife apparel we’ve found:

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