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12 Unique Police Gifts for Him

Whether the police officer in your life is still green to the scene or a long-term veteran, we bet he still enjoys gifts! But as we all know, finding police gifts for him that suit the man in the vest can be a challenge. 

What do you get for a man that watches over the city? How do you properly express to him your feelings through a gift? It’s tough. 

A simple Google search won’t help you much since everything seems to just be plastered with a police badge, the color blue, or some wacky combination. That’s why we composed this list—so you don’t have to read another cookie-cutter cop gift guide again. Here are twelve gifts that are perfect for his day-to-day life, without having an overly-obvious tie into his job:

12 awesome police officer gifts for him

1. Portable Charger

portable charger for cops

Never knowing where his daily duties will take him, the officer in your life will most likely not know where the next charging station will be. With a portable charger, he can charge (almost) anything that he may need. Keeping him safe and connected anywhere.

2. Heated Coffee Mug

heated coffee mug for cops

It’s no secret that cops love their coffee. And if someone prefers theirs hot, well, they probably want it to stay hot. But more times than not, it’ll transform into lukewarm coffee before they have the chance to enjoy it. This mug will heat the coffee, tea, or hot beverage of choice to the exact temperature the drinker wishes. The best part? It also helps our planet — go green!

3. Heated Car Blanket

heated car blanket for police

Just like his coffee, he probably would like to stay warm too. Sit on top, lay underneath, or create your own (soft) heated seats. There are plenty of uses for this, he just has to find how he likes it. And, if they end up not needing it you can bring it home for yourself! 

4. Polarized Sunglasses

polarized sunglasses for cops

Sunlight can not only be annoying, but it can be hurtful to your eyes. Keep his eyes safe and comfy with a pair of polarized sunglasses. These are designed for an athlete, so if he has to take off running these glasses will stay put. On top of that, the polarizing lenses keep glare at bay so he can simply focus on the task in front of him.

5. Robot Vacuum 

robot vacuum gifts for him

Cleaning up the city is hard enough, coming home to clean the house is the last thing on your officer’s mind. Take the stress off of them with a robot vacuum. Simply tell your new vacuum friend where it can and cannot explore and, well, that’s it! Clean floors galore! 

6. Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker for cops

Was your officer’s day hectic? Absolutely. But were they running around or sitting on their bum all day? Track it with a fitness tracker. Yes, their cell phone probably has one built-in but they may not even have it on them all the time. This way they can track their daily movement and make sure they’re moving enough (or too much) throughout the day.

7. Green Car Freshener

best car freshener for cop cars

Between eating, sleeping, possible furry co-workers, and sweaty people, that police car will take a beating. Luckily these cars do get a good cleaning every now and then, but what about during the time in between? Keep his car smelling fresh with a car freshener. Don’t worry about any harmful chemicals or perfumes, this one is made of charcoal and bamboo. Making it the greener choice by eliminating scents instead of masking them.

8. Standing Desk

standing desk for cops

Yes, officers spend hours upon hours sitting and commuting. However, they also spend a good amount of time doing paperwork. Instead of sitting some more, gift him a standing desk! This one converts so he stand tall, sit down, or find the perfect spot in between. And it can fit on almost any existing desk so the set up is a breeze.

9. Portable Umbrella

great umbrellas for cops

One always remembers where their umbrella is when it begins to rain. Usually, it’s not where you want it to be. But! If you have a dedicated work umbrella that issue is solved. This one, in particular, is great because it folds inside out. Yes, inside out. So the drops of water stays inside and your car (and you) stay dry.

10. Stress Ball

stress balls for him

It comes at no surprise that being a police officer is one of the most stressful jobs around. A tried and true method of combating that stress is the classic stress ball. While others are cheap, can easily break, and can be bad for you and the environment, this pack is clearly the greener choice with the ergonomic ball being latex and BPA-free. Squeeze that stress away.

11. Undershirt

best undershirts for cops

Being a man in a uniform has its pros and cons. Not having to pick out an outfit every day is pretty beneficial, but all those layers can be a drag. Literally. Picking out a quality undershirt can make his extra layers a little comfier. This one has been rated the best undershirt by various publications and has sold out numerous times, so grab it while you can! He’ll thank you for it

12. Portable Water Bottle

hydroflask water bottle for him

Protecting the people can make one pretty parched. Having a reusable water bottle is not only better for the planet, but it’s better for you! The best part? The way it is insulated ensures that it doesn’t sweat—and that your drink stays extra-hot or extra-cold. This means that you don’t have to worry about the condensation getting anywhere you don’t want it to, thanks double-walled insulation!

He’s sure to love these police gifts for him

So now that I’ve listed out a few options for you, which ones will you pick? Whether it’s one, five, or all we have faith that the officer in your life will love them! Maybe almost more than they love you. Maybe.

Our hope is that you won’t have to type in “gifts for a police offer” into a new tab and your gift hunting is complete. Please come back and visit our page for more ideas on police gifts for him in the future!

Authored by Alexis Paige