We’ve Cracked the Case: 10 Best Police Detective Gifts

If you have a police detective in your life, you don’t need to be told about the unique challenges and strain that go along with the job. Detectives work long hours and have a lot of responsibility. It’s vital that they have support from their friends and family members and community. Without it, their job would suffer. And what better way to show your support than with some high-quality, highly personal police detective gifts?

Below is a list of some thoughtful gift ideas for the police detective in your life. Each gift is a way to show your support. We’ve dug deep to choose a wide range of gifts for different occasions and budgets. Read on for tips on how to show your support!

10 helpful police detective gift ideas

1. A Pen That Doubles as a Secret Self Defense Tool

police detective pen

At $14.97, this pen is an excellent way to show your support for your loved one’s career and safety. Easy to carry and sleek, it looks just like any other pen. But, in a pinch, it doubles as a survival tool. The pen measures 6 inches tall and can be used to crack a glass window. 

Bonus points? It also works wonderfully as an ordinary pen. Made by TakeFlight Gear, the pen has a sharp, pointed tip that can be used to break glass or in self-defense. It also comes with a one-year warranty. Being a police detective means being put in dangerous situations. This gift is a great way to say Congrats! for a detective promotion or work anniversary.

2. A Bottle Opener in the Shape of a Police Badge

police detective badge bottle opener

This is a great way to make your police detective smile. After all, every cop needs a quality bottle opener. If your police detective loves to kick back with a cold one at the end of a long day, this is a great gadget for them. And, it’s small enough to fit in their wallet or jacket pocket!

3. A Book to Support the Whole Family

book for police detectives

“Without a support system, cops fail.” 

That’s one of the main lessons from the authors of this book, Law Enforcement Families: The Ultimate Backup. Written by a former FBI agent and a law enforcement psychologist, the book is an incredible resource for police detectives with families, making it one of our more satisfying detective gift ideas.

4. The Subscription Kit that Keeps on Giving

shieldbox for police detectives

Subscriptions are (dare we say it?) the best kind of gift. Because they never stop giving. Shield Box has created a monthly subscription box that’s tailor-made for police officers, investigators, and security workers. Each box comes with lots of product variety, such as food, clothes and accessories, survival tools, emergency supplies, and more. Whether you’re looking for gifts for detective promotion or just a chance to spoil the police officer you love, this is a great way to do it! 

5. A coffee mug that jabs

coffee mug for detectives

Does the police detective in your life have a sense of humor? Or are they just starting out as a detective? This is one of our favorite gifts for a detective promotion—hey, we all gotta start somewhere, and being “okay” at it right now isn’t a bad start!

6. A Concealed Carry Hoodie

concealed carry hoodie

Comfortable and convenient, detective gift ideas like these can make your loved one look the part! The hoodie comes with a large pocket in the front for easy access to a concealed carry weapon. It’s made from moisture-wicking material so your detective can wear it in all kinds of weather. It comes in sizes from XS-4XL for detectives of all sizes and genders. It’s made by Rothco, a family owned business dedicated to supporting the armed forces.

Bonus points: all the proceeds from this hoodie are donated to Answer the Call, an organization that provides financial assistance and support to the families of New York City First Responders who were killed in the line of duty. 

7. A Customized Piece of Wall Art

detective police wall art

Looking for a gift to congratulate your detective for a recent promotion? Sold by Pretty Perfect Studio, this piece of wall decor is an ideal solution. You can add your family name, his or her badge or ID number, or hometown. There’s also a place to put a date — and you can choose whether to remember a graduation day, look forward to that retirement date, or commemorate a wedding or cherished memory. The flag comes with a thin blue line that says Blessed Are The Peacemakers, but you can customize the line with any color you want.

8. A Personalized Whiskey Glass

whiskey glass for cops personalized

The life of a police detective often doesn’t end at the end of the workday. Work can spill into the evenings and weekends, and even wake her up in the middle of the night. So, when she’s off-duty, it’s nice to have a way to truly feel off-duty. With a personalized whiskey glass, your detective can enjoy her time off in style.

9. A Heated Electric Travel Mug

electric heated coffee mug for cops

The life of a police detective can be unpredictable. She’s just made a hot cup of coffee for the morning… then gets called out to follow a lead. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could come back to a still-warm cup of coffee? Enter the heated electric travel mug.

10. A Customized Detective Water Bottle

customized police detective water bottle

If the detective in your life isn’t a coffee drinker, this personalized water bottle is a great gift alternative. Add their new title + name to make this stand out as gifts for a detective promotion.

These police detective gifts save the day!

Whether your police officer is a whiskey lover, a coffee addict, or an avid reader, you can’t go wrong with a personal gift. Remember: if you’re not related to the police detective, it’s a good idea to call their office and let the commanding officer know that you are planning to give them a gift. That will help ensure that they don’t get in trouble for accepting your gift — or that they don’t have to turn it down. 

But, if you’re lucky enough to have a police detective as your wife, husband, brother, daughter, uncle, or friend — show your appreciation and love for them with one of these quality gifts, custom-picked for police detectives. 

This article was written by Ashley Simon
Ashley Simon is a freelance writer from Chicago, Illinois. She specializes in travel pieces and blog posts for online publications. Check out her portfolio or get in touch.