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8 Great Gifts for a Detective Promotion

When a gifting occasion happens, you might find it difficult to get something that is thoughtful and affordable at the same time. Has your friend been promoted to a detective? Are you still looking for that perfect gift? Don’t worry. We have made things easier for you. We will give you a few ideas for some great gifts for a detective promotion that your new detective in your life will be so excited about.

The best gifts for a detective promotion

1. Stainless Steel and Gold Detective Pens

Stainless Steel and Gold Detective Pens

That newly promoted detective in your life will surely need to sign a lot of documents and do a lot of paperwork. Those cases need to be filed for sure! So what gift is better than these Stainless Steel and Gold Detective pens? They are the perfect size for when they are interrogating suspects or for when they are just doing their desk job. Another great thing about these pens is that every set that is purchased pays tribute to a fallen officer.

2. A Jake Peralta Approved Coffee Mug

Poster Foundry Amazing Detective Slash Genius Funny Ceramic Coffee Mug Tea Cup Fun Novelty Gift

If they haven’t seen Brooklyn 99, are they really detectives? Because if they have, they would be totally inspired from the Nine-Nine detectives and they would understand the message that is written in this mug. The amazing Detective Slash Genius mug is perfect to give to your friend, to show that you appreciate the work he or she is doing and to make them know that in your eyes they are the most amazing detectives ever.

3. Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Barbuzzo Gun Cylinder Pen Holder & Paper Weight, Silver- Lock & Load Your Favorite Pens and Pencils at your Office Desk

After the promotion, your new detective friend would probably get their own desk. If you want to help them stay organized and not have a messy working place, then you should gift them this pen holder that is shaped like a gun cylinder. This way they won’t have all their pens lying around and they would have a cool piece to decorate their new desk.

4. A mini Lego man

Lego Series 5 Detective Mini Figure

A detective’s desk doesn’t have to be filled with documents only. Your newly promoted detective can decorate it in a way that makes it less boring and gives it a little life. You can find different Lego figurines for every occasion, which is why this mini Lego man is a great gift for detective promotion, because this figurine is a detective itself! I am sure that the detective will totally love this little guy who will be his first friend in his new office!

5. Thin Blue Line Wall Decor

Pretty Perfect Studio Thin Blue Line Flag Wall Decor, Personalized Police Officer Law Enforcement Gift for The Home

The “Thin Blue Line” flag is meant to show support for all the people out there who put their lives on the line to protect us. Your new detective friend is one of them, so why not buy this Thin Blue Line Wall Decor as a gift for them? This gift will show that you support them and you already see them as a part of the force and the people who put their lives on the line to protect their country. It is a great piece to decorate their office walls, and even their bedroom walls! You can even get it customized especially for them!

6. A bag of police coffee and a new mug

Organic Routine Patrol Colombian Coffee

Working as a detective can be pretty tiring, and coffee will become their new best friend. This organic gourmet coffee is one great gift to get for your new detective friend. They will have their fresh coffee in the morning right before starting their work and they will remember what a good friend you are. Even though they will be out of coffee for a few days, they will still have the coffee mug that comes with this Routine Patrol Colombian coffee. It is a great gift, am I right?

7. A customized decanter

Police Badge Personalized Argos Whiskey Decanter

After a long day of solving crimes, a detective needs to take a drink. Or two. But who’s counting? We have the best gift idea for this; a customized decanter. This beautiful and elegant decanter is crafted from premium Italian glass and it is personalized with a Police Badge graphic. Your newly promoted detective will surely enjoy getting a drink from this decanter, under a dull light, and feeling like the detective straight out of Agatha Christie’s books.

8. A new police blanket

Thin Blue Line Police Blanket Fleece Throw Blankets

Why not go all the way up and get your newly promoted detective a blanket? They sure need a good sleep after all the work they do all day, and this gift is perfect for them. It has a special design of the “Thin Blue Line” flag. It is soft, it keeps your body warm and it is perfect for a good night’s sleep.

What great homicide detective gifts did we miss?

What do you think about these 8 great gift ideas for a detective promotion? If I were a detective, I would be thrilled if someone got me one of these, and I am sure that the detective you are looking a gift for will like these gifts too!

To recap, here’s our go-to list of the best gifts for a detective promotion this year:

  1. Stainless Steel & Gold Detective Pens
  2. A Jake Peralta Approved Coffee Mug
  3. Gun Cylinder Pen Holder
  4. A Mini Lego Man
  5. Thin Blue Line Wall Decor
  6. A Bag of Police Coffee & A New Mug
  7. A Customized Decanter
  8. A New Police Blanket

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