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13 Police Captain Promotion Gifts They’ll Love

Rather than relying on the tired “Oh Captain, my Captain!” jokes, get the new captain in your circle something meaningful to commemorate this exciting accomplishment.

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes pose a challenge, but if you need police captain promotion gifts for an upcoming celebration, you’ll find exactly what you need in this must-have list. These gifts will make your newly minted police captain smile as they officially adorn themselves with their “railroad tracks.”

13 meaningful police captain promotion gifts

1. Dicksons Police Officer Prayer Come Home Safely 16 Ounce Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Lid

prayer mug for police officers

This unique mug is great for any police captain to carry hot or cold beverages. This mug is a reminder that every police captain should make it home safely. This mug displays the perfect inspiration prayer to start their day. The mug is made with stainless steel and a sturdy plastic exterior.

2. Captain America – 3D America’s Shield & Thin Blue Line “Blue Lives Matter”

captain marvel figurine for cops

This “Captain America” is seen holding the Thin Blue Line USA Flag”. This signifies the dedication and professionalism of the federal, state, local and military Law Enforcement Officers. Each and every day they courageously protect and serve our communities. This is a constant reminder that “BLUE LIVES MATTER TOO.”

  3. Retired Police Captain 2020 Funny Handcuffs Gag Gift T-Shirt

retired police captain shirt gag gift

What about (#6x)police captain promotion gifts for those that are retired? This funny shirt will be the highlight of the retirement party! This is an awesome gift for those that have retired or who are ready to retire. Know anyone that could use this fun shirt? This shirt is lightweight and has a classic fit with an array of colors to choose from.

4. Police Captain Promotion Gifts: Personalized Cigar Stand

cigar stand for cops

This personalized cigar holder is a unique gift for a police captain. What makes it so special is that you can have his name, title and badge number engraved on it. The acrylic cigar stand collapses so that it can be taken anywhere he goes. Just think when he is enjoying his cigar at home or having a beer with a coworker they don’t have to worry about where to lay down their cigar.

5. Personalized Police Badge Black Flask Set

police badge flask yet custom

Personalized flask sets are great for police captain promotion gifts. This black leather set is custom with a engraved box. Included inside this personalized box is a matching flask, two shot glasses and a funnel. You can choose to include their name, title, and badge number. Any police captain would be happy to show this off to his friends and family. 

6. Police Badge Bottle Opener Custom Police Gift

police badge bullet-shaped bottle opener for cops

This unique 50 Cal bottle opener is another awesome gift that will fit great into a police captain’s life. How manly is it to open up a cold brew with a bullet. Included is one line of text to let him know how special he is. After a long day, cracking open his brew with his bullet is a great gift to give.

7. Patriotic US Flag Print Sherpa Throw Blanket 

patriotic blanket for cops

After a long day, this was recommended as a good police captain promotion gift ideas. Just imagine him or her snuggling on the coach or the recliner after a long hard day. Nothing states relaxation as well as a police captain putting his feet up while watching his favorite TV show on his favorite couch with a patriotic throw blanket.

8. Courage and Honor Customized Bean Bag Toss Game 

bean bag set for cops

What about a game of Bean Bag Toss? Do you think your police captain is up for the challenge of a friendly game with friends and family? This is the perfect way to bring the members on his team together to have some fun. Representing the colors of courage and honor this gift will be a crowd pleaser amongst the force. This bean bag toss was built to last, using American birchwood and UV paint.

9. The Original BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass with Real 0.308 Bullet

bullet rocks glasses for cops

Made in the USA, this is a perfect way to honor your police captain dedication with this gorgeous and unique rocks glass set. If they are a fan of whiskey, bourbon, or scotch then they will truly enjoy this gift. 

Finding the perfect police captain promotion gifts shouldn’t be a challenge when you have great gift sets like this to choose from. 

10. American Heroes Personalized 50 Cal Cigar Humidor Military Gift 

cigar humidor for cops

If your police captain is a gun lover, he will definitely appreciate a customized ammo box. What’s so unique about this product is that it was proudly used by the US armed services. They used this box to carry their real ammunition. 

This means that each box will have an original government stamp on one side, bullet measurements and the official lot numbers. You will have the opportunity to customize it with their name, date, and rank.

11. Liquor Decanter Set with Colchester Glasses 

liquor decanter for cops custom

When searching for the perfect police captain promotion gifts this Decanter set is a must have. This handsome crystal set is the perfect way to relax after a long day. When he is not using it for his drink, he can proudly display it to his visitors. The shape of the glass makes it super easy to grip. The glass is also large and sturdy which makes it perfect to stand the test of time. 

12. Sassy Police Captain Mug 

If your police captain specializes in “dad jokes” and being corny, then arm them with this special mug for police captains. The text says it all! Eye rolls not included.

13. Their First Pair of Gold Bars

police captain emblem gold bars railroad tracks

It’s time for them to don their captain insignia. Whether they prefer gold or silver, buy them a stunning pair of railroad tracks to adorn on their uniform. This is a new and exciting chapter, and they need the emblems to show it! 

Support the new captain! 

What police captain promotion gifts do you think will win them over?

Whatever you decide to give them, make it meaningful and put some thought into giving gifts he’ll really enjoy. Most people are pretty easy to please when it comes to gifts, so it’s often the thought and gesture that goes along way. 

By thinking and planning ahead, you can save yourself the frustration of finding the perfect gift.

Authored by Stephanie Lee | Photo credit: Flickr