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Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2024: What You Need to Know

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is a citizen-led moment of recognition for law enforcement professionals. There’s no doubt the law enforcement community is a tight-knit group that leans on each other in times of strain. This includes the family members of officers that never know what the next day may hold for their family.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day highlights the deserved support from the communities they serve every day in the line of duty and shines a light on the selflessness of law enforcement and, of course, their loved ones. Recognition of their dedication is focused on local, state, and federal authorities alike. Not only do they serve and protect, but the individuals of law enforcement also solidify communities and uphold order in areas we, as citizens, often overlook. 

What you need to know

When is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day?

The next Law Enforcement Appreciation Day or L.E.A.D falls on January 9, 2024, and January 9th of every year.


In 2015, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, or Police Appreciation Day, was founded in an effort to highlight the support and appreciation the general public holds for law enforcement officers. The driving force behind its creation was the recent negative attention many officers have faced in the media. 

By founding the national day of recognition, the founders hope to draw attention to the lengths police officers go to in order to serve the public and make a difference while doing the job they love. They also hope to generate awareness of the dangers they face every day on the job while protecting the communities in which they live and work. 


There are several small but meaningful ways you can celebrate Officer Appreciation Day in your community. Perhaps the simplest is to say “thank you” to officers you encounter. Additionally, wearing blue to express support is encouraged. 

Another meaningful gesture is asking children to send cards of appreciation to police stations or taking the initiative to send a personal card yourself is always a positive gesture. Some citizens elect to display blue porch lights in support of police as well as a simple but thoughtful nod to their profession. Even a simple act such as sharing a positive story or interaction you’ve had with an officer of the law is a positive way to celebrate the profession. 

Thank you gifts for cops

For those who want to go the extra mile or might have an officer close to their hearts, there are a number of thoughtful gifts you could consider for celebrating Police Appreciation Day. Whether it be a personalized gesture they can proudly display or a thoughtful gift they can use every day, there’s something for every officer. Here are some easy-to-nab ways to send a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day thank you.

Thin Blue Line rubber wristband

thin blue line rubber

As an affordable display of support, that’s easy to share with family members or community members, these rubber wristbands could be a great choice for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. For those organizing an event for police officers, these could also be a simple showing of solidarity for the cause. 

Thin Blue Line flag pillow cover 

thin blue line pillow cover

For male and female officers alike, this pillow cover could be an attractive addition to their home decor. This is a decorative pillow cover with an invisible zipper that would look great on any couch, chair, or bed. Home decor is always a thoughtful choice for individuals that don’t wear jewelry or carry keepsakes.

Nothing says, “Thank you, police!” like a good night’s sleep.

Black matte 20 oz tumbler 

thin blue line tumbler

For a functional gift idea your officer can use every day, an insulated tumbler adorned with the Thin Blue Line design could be a thoughtful gesture. This tumbler is stainless steel and designed to keep drinks hot or cold. We know officers work in al weather conditions, so an insulated tumbler could be a perfect gift to keep your officer hydrated throughout the year. 

Police officer pewter pocket tokens 

police pocket token

If you’d like to show your appreciation for a group of officers, these pocket coins can serve as a daily reminder of the love and respect their community feels. Engraved with a prayer for safety and strength, this is a small but meaningful token of gratitude. Not only are these perfect for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, these could make thoughtful tokens for academy graduation. 

Thin Blue Line Police Ladies Jewelry Pendant with Necklace

thin blue line pendant

For female officers, this blue line pendant is a beautiful reminder of their selfless dedication to the profession. Set in a silver-plated pendant with a matching chain, this necklace features an artistic glass inlay.  Not only does this pendant resonate with the cause, but it’s also in line with the trend of minimalistic jewelry fashion. 

G-Shock black and blue resin digital sport watch 

police sport watch

Maybe you have an officer that is especially close to your heart. This watch featuring the iconic blue color scheme synonymous with law enforcement could be a cherished gift. Not only is it attractive, but this watch is also designed for an active lifestyle. 

Thin Blue Line flag wall decor 

thin blue line wall decor

A profession such as law enforcement is not one that is easily left at work. The pride an officer feels for their service and duty is also carried home. This beautiful piece of personalized wall decor could be a great way to share your appreciation. 

Oakley Gascan OO9014 sunglasses 

oakley police glasses

As another possible heartfelt gesture for your officer, these patriotic tactical sunglasses are also a functional gift that can be used on the job and in daily life alike. These sunglasses are made to hold up to all levels of activity and could be a great option when showing your support. 

Personalized whiskey gift set with custom police badge decoration

police whiskey set custom

This handsome personalized gift set will complete any office aesthetic in an attractive way. Not only is this great option for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, but this could also be great for a promotion or retirement gift. 

Show your gratitude next Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 

We’re just scratching the surface with these ideas for thank a police officer day.

Remember, Police Appreciation Day falls on January 9, so don’t forget to recognize the men and women in your community and across the nation. 

We’ve given you the 411 on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and show you a variety of gifts that could be perfect for the officer in your life. 

Whether you want to make a personal gesture within your community or even just flip on a blue porch light, it’s a meaningful nod to the personal sacrifices officers make to serve the public. 

Happy Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!

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Authored by Breanna Leslie

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