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7 Places to Buy Police Coffee

When you hear “police coffee,” visions of donut jokes and Chief Wiggum might dance in your head. But did you know that there are not one, not two, but multiple specialty coffee roasters out there, roasting beans specifically for COPS—and their loved ones—to enjoy?

Read on to learn all about coffee for cops, plus seven great police coffee companies you can buy from now.

Is there a “Police Coffee company?”

Short answer: Yes! Longer answer: There are many awesome roasteries out there vying to be the go-to “police coffee company.” If you would like to buy coffee as a police officer gift or simply to support coffee companies whose missions walk the thin blue line, you’re in the right place.

Police coffee companies that back the blue

These six specialty roasters can hook you up with blue line coffee:

1. Routine Patrol

routine patrol coffee

Veteran NYPD officer, actor, and entrepreneur Marc Cosentino wrote a book with the same name—Routine Patrol—before selling his Columbian police coffee beans online. These beans are a better deal than most, but I can’t speak to their quality ($12-$15 per bag). The bags display cartoonish, but delightful, cop art and buyers can choose between Decaf (“Dawn Patrol”) or Dark Roast (“Night Patrol”).

2. Peacemaker Coffee

peacemaker coffee company logo

Peacemaker Coffee Company is “dedicated to the men and women serving in this great country of ours and to the men and women who support them.” Whether you’re in fire, EMS, dispatchers, armed forces, or law enforcement/cop, coffee like theirs will hit the mark (and make you feel a part of something greater). You can purchase their signature Dark Roast ground or whole-bean on Amazon.

3. Scars & Stripes Coffee

scars and stripes coffee company logo

We love the model that Scars and Stripes coffee uses to support veterans: Any serviceperson can sign up as an affiliate of the organization, and any sales that individual makes through their unique code, earns the seller/Veteran a commission. This means more sustainable cash in the pockets of Veterans since they partner to build the business together.

This unique initiative was founded by Chad Watts (who worked with the VA Medical Center in Oklahoma City) and Brad Dean (a Lieutenant Colonel in the OK Army National Guard). Blends include At Ease, Downrange Coffee, First Light Coffee, and Green Zone Coffee.

4. Blue Angel Coffee

blue angel coffee company logo

Blue Angel Coffee Co comes from Massachusetts and is built to fuel law enforcement and first responders. Joshua Rios, the creator, describes himself as a “simple, working class dude just like you.” Their mission includes giving back to nonprofits and pro-LEO / first responder organizations across the country, including the National Alliance for Law Enforcement Support, Hometown Hero Outdoors’, and more.

Sample roasts from Blue Angel Coffee Co include a breakfast blend and an Italian roast. They also sell a ton of cool police/coffee related apparel, like a snapback hat and a “We the People… Love Coffee” t-shirt.

5. Black Rifle Coffee

black rifle coffee company logo

You have probably heard of this police coffee company, as a number of their roasts are geared specifically towards service officers. The owner, Evan Hafer, is a veteran who served deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sample roasts include Freedom Roast Coffee, AK-47 Espresso Blend, Gunship Coffee Roast, and Thin Blue Line Coffee Roast.

6. Thin Blue Line Coffee

thin blue line coffee image

Thin Blue Line Coffee was started by a former police officer in Berkeley, CA. Now relocated to the Pacific Northwest, the owner is proud to share his two passions—police + coffee—as a speciality roaster. Roasts range from light to dark, with a super-saver pack featuring all three.

With every purchase, Thin Blue Line Coffee makes a donation to organizations that help families and colleagues of officers who suffered trauma or death while protecting others (including Concerns of Police Survivors C.O.P.S. and Blue H.E.L.P.).

7. Police Coffee Company

Some beans from this officer-owned coffee company would make a perfect gift, whether on a random day or under the Christmas tree.

Great police coffee travel mugs

You may have stocked up on coffee beans for the law enforcement officer in your life, but why not pair it with a fantastic mug? Whether shopping for a personalized police officer coffee mug or something more generic, here are some of the best police coffee travel mugs to consider.

A Heated Electric Travel Mug

electric heated coffee mug for cops

Cauldryn’s smart mug can last a full shift and pairs with a bluetooth app for temperature control. This is the Cadillac of travel police travel coffee mugs, keeping their joe at the right temperature for up to 10 hours. It’s spill-proof mug lid and 16 ounce capacity make it our #1 pick.

Hydro Flask’s Travel Coffee Mug

hydroflask coffee mug for cops

Hydro Flask’s travel coffee mug consistently wins when it comes to hot coffee and portability. It can keep your coffee hot up to six horus and cold for up to 24 hours, depending on your cop’s drink of choice. And a perk for the police wife: It is dishwasher safe.

A personalized police officer coffee mug

personalized police officer coffee mug

Put your police officer’s name front and center on this portable coffee tumbler for cops! These stainless steel tumblers have double walled insulation to keep drinks hot OR cold. We love that is condensation-free and made of food-grade materials, too!

Bonus: Coffee with a Cop

What is coffee with a cop?

Coffee with a Cop (CWAC) is a series of events across the United States and abroad that bring citizens and police officers together. The idea is that one-to-one conversations between community members and cops will improve trust and build solid relationships. The events are relaxed and informal, and oftentimes happen at a coffee shop!

Coffee with a Cop is a registered non-profit with 501(c)3 status. You can find upcoming police coffee events on their website or get involved to plan one for your hometown!

Shop for meaningful gifts for police officers

No matter the occasion, we think celebrating those who walk the thin blue line with a thoughtful gift, like police coffee, is always a good choice. Keep browsing Law Enforcement Gifts to find the perfect item for your loved one in blue!

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