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11 Novelty Police Gifts They’ll Love

Finding the right gifts for police officers can often be hard, especially if you’re trying to walk the line of a fun, but not too silly gift. That’s what makes novelty police gifts great: They can be nice and useful, or they can be downright comical.

Here are some unique novelty police gifts that your favorite officer will surely love!

What makes great novelty gifts for police officers?

When we sat down to curate our list of police novelty gifts, we decided the items had to check off most (if not all) of the following boxes:

  • Serves no actual purpose (haha)
  • Something they wouldn’t gift themselves
  • Delightful
  • Affordable

Some are truly silly and some air on the side of useful. Read on to see what we came up with.

11 unique novelty police gifts

1. Cop Coffee

thin blue line coffee for cops

Who doesn’t love coffee? It’s perfect for early risers and working overnight. What’s even better is choosing a company that actually gives back to the law enforcement community. Blue Line Roasting Company was created to help families of police officers that have fallen or been injured in the line of duty. This variety pack gives your favorite officer a way to try the most popular roasts so they can find themselves a new favorite. 

Pair it with this ridiculous(ly cool) pistol coffee mug and you’ll be gifting novelty police gifts that people will talk about for ages!

2. Utility Bracelet

men's utility bracelet for cops

This is the perfect accessory for the handy-officer. It has a utility knife with a flat head screwdriver as the tip. They can fix a bike, cut a rope, and even make a sandwich at the flick of a wrist. It’s neoprene cover makes it durable and sporty enough to wear with thier blues. 

3. Challenge Coins

challenge coin for cops

This St. Michael the Protector Challenge Coin is a token of love that can fit in a pocket or wallet. This is a perfect little token of love to help keep your favorite officer safe at all times. It comes with a protective plastic case if they want to keep it with their collection. 

4. A … Special…  T Shirt

stupid people keep me employed cops shirt

It’s funny cause it’s true! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. Barrel Bands

steel wedding band from guns

Here’s something unique to get a police spouse. Barrel Bands are wedding bands that are made from a steel shotgun barrel. These are handmade and come in a variety of styles. This one is a simple classic ring that can go with any look. 

6. Metal Blue Line Flag Decor

thin blue line flag novelty gifts for poilce

Here’s a real novelty police gift, that can be displayed in their home! This Thin Blue Line Flag Decor is handmade by veterans. The Brave American project helps employ and give back to veteran foundations and charities. The flag is made with 14 gauge steel and is hand painted, which makes it a quality piece of art for their home.

7. STILETTO® PRO Multi-Output Rechargeable Pocket LED Flashlight

surefire multi output pocket led

This is the ultimate pocket sized flashlight for your favorite officer. It has a high, medium, and low setting, so it can be used for various situations. It has a micro-USB port so it can be easily recharged. The flashlight also has a strobe setting incase of combat need. 

8. Engraved Dog Tags

dog tags for cops

Looking for something sentimental? Engrave a special message for your officer on a dog tag. These are also perfect for children, parents and spouses of officers. You can put their badge number and even emergency information on them as well. 

9. F Bomb Paperweight

paperweight for cops

The paperweight of paperweights. If you’ve got a lieutenant or chief who loves cursing and has a penchant for novelty police gifts, this’ll be sure to make them smile!

10. Seat Organizer

car seat organizers for cops

This is something for that type A personality. Help keep the inside of their vehicles neat and tidy by providing a spot for all of the stuff they need. This has a spot for handcuffs, clip boards, forms, and maps. Help them create a nice and organized workspace. 

11. Homestyle Toad Figurine

toad figurine cops

What every cop wants but doesn’t have… 

We love these novelty policeman gifts!

Law enforcement is a very important career but oftentimes—unfortunately—a very thankless one. No matter what you decide to get your favorite police officer the best gift you can give them is support. And if you can find nothing else, simply thanking them for their time and service goes a long way. 

Authored by Stephanie Davis