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6 Awesome Police K9 Gifts Worth Barking About

While we all know that a dog is “man’s best friend,” the bond between an officer and his or her K9 goes beyond what any civilian could comprehend. A dog that is not only a loyal friend, but a trained and obedient crime-solving partner that would sacrifice his life to protect his handler. K9s use their snouts to sniff out evidence and suspects, and use their hearts to calm and comfort their unit.

It is no wonder police K9 gifts have so much meaning for an officer! Whether it’s for your favorite officer’s (or dog’s) birthday, special anniversary for the pair, K9 training completion, or just because, any of these K9 officer merchandise items will give great joy to your loved one. 

The best Police K9 Gifts

1. Police Dog K9 Challenge Coin

If you’re looking for sentimental and meaningful K9 handler gifts, look no further than this police dog challenge coin. This coin is 3D engraved with a police dog graphic in front of the thin blue line American flag. The opposite side holds the “working dog’s oath” complete with two red, white, and blue pawprints. This is a perfect gift for a new K9 handler whose dog just completed training, or for a K9 memorial, honoring a brave and mighty dog who served. 

2. Police K9 Shirts

Proud handlers, trainers, family members, and supporters will all love these comfy cotton-blend police K9 shirts. They come in both men’s and women’s sizes (plus some also come in kids) so they are family friendly gifts for anyone who supports their K9 unit pals. From serious to funny designs, the thin blue line and K9 images are front, large, and center so there is no mistaking what these shirt wearers support! 

3. Police Officer & K9 Wall Decor

Police Officer & K9 Wall Decor

For the officers that have a truly unique bond with their dogs, this wooden wall sign is a great police K9 gift for lasting memories. An American flag and a police K9 poem are etched into rustic looking plywood with an oak stain finish. A silhouette of officer and K9 is displayed for a sentimental touch that will bring a smile to his face and a tear to his eye reminiscing about their glory days as a team. 

4. Police K9 Patch

Police K9 Patch

This police K9 patch looks great on their gear! High quality, embroidered material is a hook patch that lets your officer proudly display his K9 unit status. Half of the patch is the American flag and half is a K9 image. A diagonal thin blue line separates the two halves while pulling together the meaning behind the K9 commitment to serve along man – together serving the thin blue line.   

5. Pop Socket

A practical gift for K9 officers who really can’t get enough of their dogs! Provides better grip plus stand for your tablet or phone, while also showcasing pride in police dogs. The design includes a handsome K9 posing in front of a black/grey American flag with a bright thin blue line. (Note: the pop socket will stick best to smooth and hard plastic cases, and will not work well with silicone, waterproof, or textured cases.)

6. K9 Pullover Hoodie

A classic piece of police K9 apparel works as a gift for any occasion. This comfy cotton blend hoodie comes in black, grey, navy, or blue and in unisex sizing. “Police K9 Unit” is printed small on front and largely displayed on the back. If your officer is never truly “off the job,” then wearing this sweatshirt around the house or town would definitely make sense! 

Shop gifts for K9 officers!

We hope these police K9 gifts will be as special to your loved one as the relationship is between him and his dog! While others may never understand the bond that’s been created, let him know that you truly get it with any one of these meaningful K9 gifts. 

To recap, here’s our list of awesome police K9 gifts:

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