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8 Tactical Gifts for Cops that Hit the Mark

You’re shopping for a practical cop, and rather than getting them a silly t-shirt or another novelty mug, you want to gift them something they can use on the job. Finding tactical gifts for cops can feel easier said than done, but we’ve done the hard work for you to bring you this collection. Whether it’s a gift for their birthday or their promotion, you and the lucky police officer receiving it will be content and satisfied. 

Tools like these gift ideas for police officers can be kept on hand while they perform their jobs—helping them stay safe and badass, even when no one’s got their six. 

Awesome tactical gifts for cops 

1. Swiss Army Knife & Multi-tool

leatherman tactical gifts for cops

This workhorse is ready for anything—it includes pliers, wire cutters, crimpers, wire stripper, knife, saws, C4 punch, #8-32 cleaning rod/brush adapter, awl, ruler, can and screwdrivers, not to mention can and bottle openers (perfect for the end of a long shift). All features lock when fully opened, keeping the user safe and secure.

2. Weapon Mount Tactical Flashlight


Known by many as the best tactical flashlight for police officers, this popular item from Streamlight can run almost two hours between charges and creates light beams up to 800ft in length. The rail grip clam system design securely attaches/mounts directly to handguns with glock-style rails and is made in the USA. What’s not to love?

3. Night Vision Glasses

night vision goggles

 While we are tucked into our beds and sleeping peacefully at night, cops are still patrolling the streets and stopping crimes. To enhance their vision at night, buy them a pair of night vision glasses, which will improve their line of sight and illuminate everything around them. 

They’re hella useful for cops. They’re anti-fog and cause less stress on their eyes, not to mention that these glasses are built to survive tough falls (they’re shatterproof!). These can easily be worn over prescription glasses, and accessories and cleaning supplies are included. 

4. Self Defense / Impromptu Tactical Pen

Have you heard of self defense pens? Not only can they take notes on paper during investigations, but these strongly built pens can double as window breakers during hostile situations. This pen was made with a tempered steel mechanism at the ball point, and with an ink cartridge built to last in all types of weather conditions. This Black Tactical Self Defense Pen is the perfect gift for any occasion.

5. Puncture-Resistant Police Duty Gloves

turtleskin tactical gifts for cops

Gift the cop in your life gloves that do more than keep their hands warm. These well-constructed gloves are built with a rugged, yet highly breathable mesh material that is puncture-proof, creating a barrier between a needle and the wearer’s hand and protecting wearers from bruises and wounds. It is the perfect police duty glove, especially for warm weather conditions.

6. First Aid Kit

first aid kit for cops

We bet the cop in your life is tough, but sometimes you need a first aid kit handy for unexpected wounds. The kit was designed with three goals: Adaptive, Functional, & Indestructible, making it the perfect addition to the trunk of your loved one’s police car.

This water-proof kit is equipped with disinfectants, bandages, topicals, burn medication, sprain and fractures aid, survival blanket and whistle, thermometers, sheers, painkillers and so much more.

7. Blade Runner Sunglasses 

tactical eyewear for cops

There is no doubt that cops risk their lives daily to protect us from all kinds of dangers. For that we are grateful, and what better way to show our gratitude, then giving them something for their protection. These glasses can endure strong impacts, are scratch proof, plus comfortable to wear. These glasses filter out harsh lights and provide an overall good contrast, preventing fatigue and reduces eye strain. This is for sure one of the best tactical gears that a cop could own. This is the perfect gift to show your appreciation. 

8. A Concealable Backup Knife

law enforcement knife concealable

Designed by the founder and owner of the Tactical Defense Institute, this back-up concealed knife is less than six inches long and a straight edge. Included is a black metal belt clip, making it easy to wear on a pant belt in a well-concealed location. If a suspect is trying to take an officer’s handgun—or the officer can’t access their handgun—this knife can make a great (and life-saving) “last resort.”

These police officer gifts are bullseyes

These tactical gifts for cops will surely hit the mark. When selecting a gift for a cop the most important aspect is to show love and support for the sacrifices they make daily. Cops work hard every single day and selecting a special gift for them showcases appreciation for their unconditional support in their communities. 

This list of gifts for cops are useful and practical while they perform their daily activities. Gift-giving can be easy when it comes to finding the perfect tactical gifts for cops. Gifts like these can last for years as they can be incredibly useful in the line of duty.

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