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5 Best Boot Socks for Cops

We´ll cut to the chase: You need socks. Not just any socks. Heavy duty, tactical boot, double shift, detail all-day-summer-event socks. Even though they are rarely seen, the difference between good socks and GREAT socks can be felt by you and those around you. (How does Bob get through his 16 hour shift without complaining about his feet or legs??) Well, we don´t know Bob, but we bet he is wearing a pair of one of the best boot socks for law enforcement we’ve listed below.

5 best boot socks for police officers

1. People Socks’ Unisex Merino Wool

People Socks Unisex Merino Wool

Welcome to the world of wool work socks. This company has managed to use quality materials to make comfortable and affordable socks for boots right here in the USA. Odor resistant, temperature regulating, reinforced heel and toe, and, according to reviews, a great buy all around that lasts. Note that they suggest washing in cold water and air drying to keep them at their best quality for as long as possible. 

2. Darn Tough Tactical Boot Cushion Sock

Darn Tough Tactical Boot Cushion Sock

If you are looking for well-known duty boot socks for men look no further. Darn Tough socks are tried and true, rated high among work socks. Made in the USA, each part of these duty boot socks are designed for high performance: cushioning where you need it most; elastic support around the arch; reinforced heel and toe; and all-over smooth comfort. They are higher on the price scale but come with a life-time guarantee!

3. NIKE Dri-Fit Training Cotton Cushioned Crew Socks

NIKE Dri-Fit Training Cotton Cushioned Crew Socks

If you´re more of a traditional cotton guy, try this NIKE 6-pack. These work socks work to keep your feet dry and comfortable for hours on the job. For the days you may need to switch from standing detail to a department-wide celebration, these can be versatile socks for boots or more casual wear.

4. Smartwool Duty Boot Socks for Men

Smartwool Hiking Crew Socks Men’s Medium Cushioned Wool Performance Sock

These wool duty boot socks for men or women are made in the USA and made for the outdoors. Particularly great at keeping your toes warm during your winter work shifts, while also keeping them dry and odor free. High quality material and designed for a perfect fit and feel. Plus the breathable material is an added bonus since you never know when your feet will actually get a breather. 

5. Wolverine Men’s Black Boot Sock

Wolverine Men's Black Boot Sock

These long cotton blend duty boot socks are a staple item. Designed for use with steel toe boots, with added cushioning and reinforced heel and toe. Great socks for boots with a high ankle, as well as to wear as an extra layer during windy days and night shifts. 

These tactical boot socks will treat you right

We know foot comfort is key when it comes to a job that requires high performance from clock in to clock out. If you´ve been having a hard time finding the best book socks for daily use, we hope that we´ve solved your problem with this list of high rated duty boot socks for men. Not all socks are one-size-fits-all, so if you´ve found another great pair of work socks we’d love to hear!

Here’s a recap of great work socks for cops!

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