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6 Unique Police Officer Prayer Displays

In a police officer’s line of duty, they are always balancing the thin blue line to protect society from danger and crime. While on this line, they must face their own fears, weaknesses, biases, and compassions in order to perform their job at their very best, all while knowing they are putting their life at risk. You can show your support and understanding with a prayer for police officers gift. Let them know how much you care!

The best police officer prayer gifts

1. Customized Police Officer Prayer Plaque

Delta Pine Woodworks Police Officer Prayer Plaque

Perfect for hanging in a bedroom, office, or hallway (somewhere it can be easily seen!), this police officer prayer plaque is a beautiful tribute to police officers. It is 100% handcrafted, made from solid white pine, with a laser engraved prayer and hand painted thin blue line US flag police badge. Make it even more special with your officer’s name and badge number engraved as well.

2. A Police Keepsake Box with Bible Verse

Police Officer Gift Black Keepsake Box

Keep challenge coins, medals, and other keepsakes safe in this wooden black box complete with police prayer. An American flag is etched into the box, with a hand painted thin blue line that stands out beautifully. The 8 inch box is lined with blue felt inside for a smooth finish and to keep valued items protected. Note that the reviews mention it is more lightweight than expected. 

3. This Wallet Insert

FEELMEM Policeman Gifts Policeman's Prayer Metal Wallet Insert Thin Blue Line Cop Gift for Police Officer Police Academy Graduates

You never know when your police officer may need some words of encouragement. That’s why this policeman’s prayer wallet insert is an easy way to remind him that he’s never alone. Made from stainless steel so it will not change color or tarnish, it’s durable to be on the road with him no matter where his job takes him. 

4. A Police Officer Prayer Coin

Police Officers Challenge Coin Law Enforcement Sheriff Coin with Prayer

This police officer prayer coin is made especially for the sheriff in your life. The front of the coin features a spartan warrior with the words “we are praying for you,” and the back features a policeman’s prayer poem with a prominent thin blue line. This is not only a challenge coin he will value, but one that let’s him know how much you value him. 

5. Police Officer Figurines with Prayer

Dicksons Police Officer's Prayer, Kneeling in Uniform

For the prayerful police officer, this police figurine in the kneeling prayer position will be a heartwarming addition to his desk or dresser. With hat removed and head bowed, the figurine kneels behind a plaque inscribed with grace. It’s made of resin polymer stone and stands at about 5.5 inches high.

6. Crystal Police Officer’s Prayer Gift Plaque

Personalized Crystal Police Officer's Prayer Gift Plaque, Customized with Police Officer and department's Name, Unique Gift Idea for Police

A distinguished police officer deserved a distinguished plaque. To honor your police officer for his achievements, this optical crystal plaque is etched with the police prayer and can be customized with officer title, name, and department. It is hand painted and an elegant design to look as valuable and deserving as he is! 

Say thank you with a prayer for police officers

Sometimes the best way to let someone know how much you care about them is by letting them know you are praying for them and that they are not alone. These police officer prayer gifts give that touch of love and encouragement that all officers need. Whether it’s at the beginning, middle, or end of their career, we are sure these prayer gifts will be heartfelt.

Here’s a recap of our unique police prayer displays!

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