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7 Essential Gift Basket Ideas for Police Officers

Thinking of dropping off a big ol’ “thank you” to a police officer? Or a “just because” gift? We’ve got you covered with a complete list of gift basket ideas for police officers, your city’s finest! 

Gone are the days where all we can think of are donuts and coffee when we think of a police officer. Next time you need quick gift baskets for police officers — or have the DIY bug — be sure to check out everything on this list.

7 things to include in a police gift basket

1. Tylenol

tylenol gift basket for cops

You simply *can’t* give a police officer gift basket without including a pain reliever!! Tylenol is a great over-the-counter medication for anyone spending long hours on their feet—and in the throes of society’s underbelly. Throw a travel size in your basket for on-the-go relief needed all day. 

2. Back the Blue Coffee

Police Coffee Company, Back The Blue Whole Bean, Thin Blue Line Coffee (Medium Roast, 12oz)

Police officer gift baskets would be nothing without the perfect cup of jo! ☕️ Since many cops don’t always have the luxury of time to make their perfect cup, these instant Cold Brew Coffee Bags can be a lifesaver. All they have to do is toss it into a cup of water and let it steep, much like a teabag, and in the end, your cop-friend can enjoy a great-tasting cup of coffee with minimal work! 

3. A Book

law dogs american history for cops

We recommend Law Dogs: Great Cops in American History—it’s a must read for police officers working long hours and needing alternative activities to another late-night Candy Crush or Clash of Clans binge.

Other recommended books for cops include:

4. Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

Thoughtful, practical, and inexpensive, we think no police officer gift basket is complete without a little bottle of self-care on the go: hand sanitizer! After all, you never know what nasty things an officer may come into contact with throughout a shift. These fit perfectly in their cup holder for easy access between the nonstop crime fighting!

5. Beef Jerky Variety Pack

beef jerky for cops

Who would ever even consider gifting a police gift basket without a snack? No thank you! Beef Jerky is basically every cop’s favorite snack—the perfect little protein boost to get them through a long shift. Most jerky-eats know that it can get pretty pricey, but this option keeps costs low without losing the flavor. 

6. Patrol Car Seat Organizer

car seat organizer for cops

No one likes a messy patrol car, especially considering how often they have to get in AND out of it! We love this twist on the police gift basket: an organizer that you can fill with useful tools and supplies. Help your fave officer be organized and tidy, while still having easy access to all things police officers need throughout a ride! Don’t forget to include a snack. 😉

7. Electric Travel Mug

coffee smart mug for cops

Many police departments around the country have switched to the 4-day work week schedule, giving officers the chance to work (long, but fewer) 10-hour shifts. Adding an electric travel mug is one of our favorite gift basket ideas for police officers, since we know they’ll get (A LOT) of good use out of it! This handy coffee mug will keep their favorite (on the clock) beverage hot all day long, as if it had just been brewed. Who doesn’t love a freshly brewed cup of coffee?!

3 ready-made gift baskets for police officers

Prefer something put together? These are a few easy “click and buy” gift basket ideas for police officers (barely any finger lifting required!).

Snack Assortment Box 

snack box for cops

This snack assortment box is a great low-cost option to send to your local officers. It offers many of our favorite snacks such as cheez its, goldfish and even fun dip for all those who work there and gives them something fun to go through throughout their day!

Chocolate/Popcorn Box

chocolate gift basket for cops

Chocolate and popcorn—name a better duo! Give the sweet tooths in the office something exciting to try with this box. This box is a dream come true for the crunchy chocolate lover and is sure to leave them happy.

Cheese + Sausage Box

cheese sausage basket for cops

If you want to go the savory route, these gift baskets for police officers are for you! This box gives a great assortment of cheese, sausage, crackers, pretzels, and even small mustard to complement all the flavor! 

These gift basket ideas for police officers are awesome

These police gift basket options are the way to go when wanting to send a thank you or even a random act of kindness to your local officers. Whatever you choose to send, make sure to add a personalized note to show your gratitude!

A little can go a long way and we’re happy to be here to help.

Authored by Samantha Sandacz

Samantha Sandacz is a 20 something living her best life in Austin, Tx. She loves anything colorful, creative and fun and tries to incorporate them all into her daily life! She is a creative who strives to work with others to thrive in the world together.