7 Awesome Sheriff Academy Graduation Gifts

Step aside, Woody. There’s a new sheriff in your heart! Have you endlessly searched online websites and stores desperately looking for perfect sheriff academy graduation gifts? Is the pressure rising as your event nears?  They’ve been hired as a police officer. They’ve earned their undergraduate degree. They’ve met the minimum work requirement, and now they’re […]

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7 Essential Gift Basket Ideas for Police Officers

Thinking of dropping off a big ol’ “thank you” to a police officer? Or a “just because” gift? We’ve got you covered with a complete list of gift basket ideas for police officers, your city’s finest!  Gone are the days where all we can think of are donuts and coffee when we think of a […]

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11 Funny Police Academy Graduation Gifts

If you have a loved one graduating from a police academy in upcoming months, and are looking for the perfect gift, look no further! After their years of serious classes and likely tense scenarios and discussions, we recommend lightening the mood and getting them excited about their future career with a couple funny police academy […]

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7 Places to Buy Police Coffee

When you hear “police coffee,” visions of donut jokes and Chief Wiggum might dance in your head. But did you know that there are not one, not two, but multiple specialty coffee roasters out there, roasting beans specifically for COPS—and their loved ones—to enjoy? Read on to learn all about coffee for cops, plus seven […]

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9 Great Police Academy Graduation Gift Ideas

Is someone you know is about to graduate from the Police Academy?Be part of that joy and let them know you’re proud of their accomplishment by finding the perfect police academy graduation gift to commemorate their accomplishments. They’ve been hard at work—learning legal stuff and practical take-down methods. The next chapter is likely the beginning […]