The Best Police Wife Gear for Christmas Morning

Gift giving can be difficult for anyone, but especially onerous when buying police wife gear. How can you find the perfect gifts for people who love you and support your profession? It can be a lot to think about and to factor into your gift giving, which is why we’ve cut through the noise to […]

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Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2023: What You Need to Know

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is a citizen-led moment of recognition for law enforcement professionals. There’s no doubt the law enforcement community is a tight-knit group that leans on each other in times of strain. This includes the family members of officers that never know what the next day may hold for their family. Law […]


11 Solid Retirement Gift Ideas for a Police Officer

When the time comes for a police officer to turn in their badge, it’s cause for celebration of the countless years they have served an officer of the law. As police officers spend their career dedicating themselves to a higher cause, it can be a challenge finding the perfect gift to thank them for their […]

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How to Celebrate Police Appreciation Week 2023

In the U.S., there are over 680,000 employed full-time law enforcement officers maintaining law and order. Where there is hurt, danger, and pain, local law enforcement rush in to provide assistance and protection. Every spring, we have the opportunity to honor police with national recognition. Read on to learn everything you need to know about […]

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7 Essential Gift Basket Ideas for Police Officers

Thinking of dropping off a big ol’ “thank you” to a police officer? Or a “just because” gift? We’ve got you covered with a complete list of gift basket ideas for police officers, your city’s finest!  Gone are the days where all we can think of are donuts and coffee when we think of a […]


10 Police Sergeant Gifts They Always Love

If you have a loved one who is about to earn their sergeant ranking, you’ve come to the right place. Looking for police sergeant gifts can be difficult, but these sleek and classy options will show the officer in your life just how much you appreciate them. Keep reading to find the police sergeant gifts […]

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12 Unique Police Gifts for Him

Whether the police officer in your life is still green to the scene or a long-term veteran, we bet he still enjoys gifts! But as we all know, finding police gifts for him that suit the man in the vest can be a challenge.  What do you get for a man that watches over the […]


7 Awesome Sheriff Academy Graduation Gifts

Step aside, Woody. There’s a new sheriff in your heart! Have you endlessly searched online websites and stores desperately looking for perfect sheriff academy graduation gifts? Is the pressure rising as your event nears?  They’ve been hired as a police officer. They’ve earned their undergraduate degree. They’ve met the minimum work requirement, and now they’re […]

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13 Police Captain Promotion Gifts They’ll Love

Rather than relying on the tired “Oh Captain, my Captain!” jokes, get the new captain in your circle something meaningful to commemorate this exciting accomplishment. Finding the perfect gift can sometimes pose a challenge, but if you need police captain promotion gifts for an upcoming celebration, you’ll find exactly what you need in this must-have […]

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6 Hilariously Funny Police Retirement Gifts

Ahh (sigh) retirement. Time to hang up your jacket, put up your feet, and fill your free time with literally whatever you want! A stage many of us look forward to, some of us dread, and still a rare breed of us manage to put off as looong as they can. No matter which category […]